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Franchisee FAQ :
Fifteen Things You Should Know About Buying A Franchise



1 - What Is Franchising?

Franchising is an industry that creates, perfects and sells its business model to buyers (franchisees) who they then train and support in providing the same services to their respective clients.


2 - How Large Is The Franchising Industry?

  • The franchising industry currently represents over $2 trillion in economic activity. It supports over 825,000 U.S franchises and employs more than 20 million employees.
  • Franchising represents over 14% of all U.S. GDP and represented over 2.5% of all job growth last year.
  • Studies show that after seven years franchise businesses have a 70% better chance of survival than non-franchise businesses.


3 - Why Consider A Commercial Cleaning Franchise?

  • It is a dynamic franchise industry segment valued at nearly $50 billion.
  • It has grown by 66% over the past ten years.
  • It is typically a recession resistant business segment.


4 - Why Should I Choose JAN-PRO?

  • JAN-PRO is one of the fastest growing U.S. and global commercial cleaning companies.
  • JAN-PRO is the only national franchise cleaning company to guarantee its services, a sign of our quality standards.
  • JAN-PRO offers the most comprehensive training in the industry.
  • By buying a JAN-PRO franchise, you can become part of our remarkable success story.


JAN-PRO offers you the chance to start and grow your own business without a sales component. You control your own hours and decide which accounts you accept. JAN-PRO provides you with business coaching and support.


5 - What Kinds Of Properties Will I Clean?

Typically, we clean offices, health clubs, medical buildings, banks, churches, restaurants and daycare centers.


6 - How Much Does A JAN-PRO Franchise Cost?

That depends on the franchise plan you choose, but we have plans beginning from as little as $950 down.  It depends on how much income you want to earn and how quickly you want to earn it. Give Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado a call and we can discuss our multiple payment and financing options.


7 - How Much Money Can I Make, And How Quickly?

This answer depends on your initial investment and how fast you want to expand while still maintaining the high JAN-PRO quality standards. We will help you grow at your pace. You can operate in an owner-operator model or hire employees to help you grow your business. We can refer you to current JAN-PRO franchise owners who can share their experiences with you.


8 - Can I Begin Part Time And Build Up?

Because most commercial properties are cleaned after hours, you have the option of starting your JAN-PRO franchise as a second income stream. We will explain the many options you would then have to expand your business.


9 - Do I Need To Be Able To Sell?

Not necessarily. Your JAN-PRO office will provide your account customers for you, but if you also find customers of your own, we have a process for that too.


10 - What Training, Equipment And Supplies Will I Need?

JAN-PRO will thoroughly train you in all of our processes and guide you on the equipment and supplies you will need to get started. A JAN-PRO franchise does not require you to invest heavily in equipment.


11 - Will I Need To Rent Office Space?

No, JAN-PRO is consistently ranked #1 as "Top Home-Based Franchise" due to the fact that you can operate your franchise from home - no need for costly renting of office space.


12 - Will I Need To Form My Own Company?

We strongly recommend that you consult with your accountant about the low-cost advantages of forming a business entity before you buy a JAN-PRO franchise.


13 - What Insurance Coverage Will I Need?

Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado will explain your insurance requirements and make available some options through our official providers.


14 - Can My Wife, Husband, Or Other Family Members work with me?

Yes, in fact many of our most successful franchisees are trained husband and wife teams, and other family members.


15 - What Kind Of People Make The Best Franchisees?

Time and again we see those who are willing to learn, closely follow our model, who are prepared to work enthusiastically and energetically, respect their customers and associates almost always make the best franchisees.




Fifteen Things

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