New American Colonies' "Welcome To the New World" Seminar Was a Hit!


Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado was a sponsor at Thursday's "Welcome to the New World" seminar, hosted by the New American Colonies.  The event was designed to show local small business owners ways they can stay adaptable in this ever-changing economy.


It included speakers such as Disney director / producer Bob Garner, as well as everyone's favorite "Wait, he wasn't president?" Benjamin Franklin!


The New American Colonies program is a grassroots effort to establish a new attitude of self reliance and independence in our society while developing, through education, information, and opportunities for personal involvement, “Colonies” of responsible individuals, businesses, and organizations who understand the critical importance of supporting sustainable family farm agriculture, American manufacturing, American small business, and the American worker in maintaining our engines of commerce and economic growth.

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Disney director / Producer Bob Garner with Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado's Sales Executive Cesar Quinones