Here is a Great Breakdown of Why Investing a Little in Your Commercial Cleaning Will Pay off Big


Most people chalk employee sickness up to a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is, "Something is going around the office."  And, well, that's probably true.  Once a bug starts going around an office, it can be tough to shake, and by the time it's run its course, you will likely have had employees call out sick for a number of days.


You may assume that all of these sick days hurts office productivity, and you would be right.  You may also assume that nothing can be done, and that "it's just what happens during cold and flu season."  And in this case, you'd be wrong.


The direct link to proper cleaning of the workplace and the minimizing of sick days is a direct and provable link.  This infographic will break down just how much money and time is wasted due to sick days - sick days that can be prevented with proper cleaning and disinfection, from trained professionals.


Value of Clean


If you find yourself squinting a bit, the full size infographic can be found here.


After looking at the direct link between proper cleaning and reduction in employee sick days, the need for proper cleaning becomes clear.  Jan-Pro's professionally trained teams, coupled with our revolutionary Enviroshield disinfection system is the answer to your employee sick day problems!