Green Cities Coalition Promotes Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado On Their Official Site

Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado is know as "the only real green commercial cleaner" in Colorado Springs, and is an active member of many local organizations dedicated to improvement for the future of Colorado Springs.  Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado has always tried to put in extra effort to improving the community's health and well-being, through its green cleaning initiatives, as well as direct support of like-minded local groups.  Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado is the first sponsor of the Green Cities Coalition.

Green Cities Coalition, is an organization founded with the goal of promoting ecologically, economically and socially healthy cities in El Paso County, for the benefit of present and future residents of the Pikes Peak region.

Green Cities Coalition recently published an article about their relationship with Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado. 

The Poschs both share an interest in sustainable ways of living and working, such as encouraging businesses to clean during the day rather than night. Day cleaning addresses a number of factors, none the least of which is reducing energy costs. In an article on industry’s website, CLEAN LINK, it’s reported that companies using night cleaning spend up to one-third of the budget cleaning and sanitation.

"It’s a win-win to me,” says Posch. “You cut 25 percent of your utility use painlessly, use less fossil fuels and employers would get a 25 percent reduction in fixed costs.” Energy efficiency and cost reduction are not their only concerns. Posch will be the first to tell you that the commercial cleaning industry has a greater impact on water environmental cleanliness than any other industry.

"Every school room, hotel room and office building is cleaned every day. It’s not enough to just clean, you have to disinfect,” he says. “And although there are a number of ‘green’ cleaning products on the market, no disinfectant is considered ‘green’ by the Environmental Protection Agency.”

Professionals use antimicrobial pesticides to destroy or suppress the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria or viruses that can lead to illness. The two main types of antimicrobial pesticides are non-public health products used for cooling towers, jet fuel and treatment of paper products; and public health products such as sterilizers, disinfectants, sanitizers and antiseptics.  Jan-Pro uses a patented eco-product called EnviroShield.

"This is the first commercial cleaning process to combine an electrostatic sprayer with a disinfectant,” Posch states. “The electric charge allows the disinfectant to cover every surface at 100 percent because of its ‘wrap-around’ effect. Sanitizing only removes some of the germs, but disinfecting eliminates them.”  The disinfectant is a Category Four, which means there is no harmful side effect to the eyes, skin or lungs, and its non-toxic.

As first sponsor of the GCC, the Poschs are also interested in the industry’s impacts on water, a topic that has gotten their attention. At the GCC’s annual meeting on Jan. 26, one subject area focused on water quality and quantity and Posch is looking to build a water working group within the GCC.  Considering his gregarious nature and the Posch’s combined energy and sense of community responsibility, the water group will add invaluable input to our region’s long term sustainability goals.


Full text of the article can be found here: Cleaning is a Dirty Business