Going Green in Rockies: NY Transplants Enjoy Mountains, Eco-Friendly Jan-Pro Products


Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado's owners, Robert and Marylou Posch, recently described their journey westward, and explained their interest in the ecological aspects of Colorado Springs.


Upon purchasing the business, the Posches became involved with local sustainability groups, which led them to the Pikes Peak Sustainable Business Network and Southern Colorado Sustainability Conference, where they have been exhibitors and conference speakers. They have attended local Green Drinks and Robert is now a steering committee member for the Green Cities Coalition.

The Posches share an interest in sustainable ways of living and working, such as encouraging businesses to clean during the day rather than at night. Day cleaning addresses a number of factors, not the least of which is reducing energy costs. Companies using night cleaning spend up to one-third of their budget on cleaning and sanitation compared to daytime cleaning, Posch said.

“It’s a win-win to me,” Posch said. “You cut 25 percent of your utility use painlessly, use less fossil fuels and employers would get a 25 percent reduction in fixed costs.”


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