Welcome Our Newest Customer - Red Noland Cadillac!


Red Noland Cadillac, along with their Pre-Owned center, became the newest customer of Jan-Pro. 


We would like to say Thank You to Red Noland, for letting us service their facilities.  Everyone knows that Cadillacs are very high quality cars, so we are grateful to be trusted with keeping their locations clean, and are looking forward to providing their showrooms and offices with the same high quality that they deserve!


Ernesto Prado and Jacqueline Carcano will be servicing these facilities.  They already service some of our largest customers, including the Sky Sox's Security Service Field, so they know all about how to make large facilities look great.


For more information on Red Noland, please visit:

Red Noland Cadillac

Red Noland Pre-Owned


Red Noland 1

Red Noland 2