Jan-Pro International's Annual Conference Was In San Antonio THis Year

Home to The Alamo, the famous Riverwalk, an unusually large amount of Ripley's attractions, and much more - San Antonio was the home to Jan-Pro's annual conference in 2014.


Since Jan-Pro is a franchise-based company, we have many owners not just around the country, but around the globe.  So these events are great opportunities to catch up with other owners, to see how they are doing both personally and professionally.  It also offers the opportunity to learn from everyone, finding out the challenges and successes they are having, and using what they've learned to make our own franchise better.


Besides our annual conference, the other annual tradition Jan-Pro is famous for are the awards and accolades we receive every year - from fastest growing to best cleaner.  It's thanks to events like this, where we learn from each other and stay constantly improving, that allows Jan-Pro to somehow become an even better company every year.


We can't wait to find out where next year's conference is!


Jan-Pro Awards

 Robb Posch, Bob Posch, Mary Lou Posch, and Eric Posch before the annual awards dinner