Sox The Fox - The Man Behind the Mask!


Through Jan-Pro's various sponsorships, as well as the many unique customers we have, we get to see a lot of different sides of Colorado Springs and the rest of southern Colorado.  But one of our favorite relationships is the one we have with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. 


Jan-Pro is proud to be the exclusive cleaner for the Sky Sox executive suites.  We love being a part of their team, and always make sure to get to their games as often as possible.  If you're at a game, there is a very good chance you will see at least one (if not lots!) of us there.


During these games, one of the best parts of the night come from someone who isn't wearing a glove or holding a bat... although he is wearing a Sky Sox uniform!  We like to say Sox the Fox is the best mascot in sports, due to his comedic timing, athleticism, and overall sense of fun.  So we thought you might like seeing a little bit about the man behind the Fox.


If you don't want to spoil the mystique of the man behind the mask (fox head?), don't watch!

But we thought these were a great look at the man behind the best mascot in sports.




Our very own Eric Posch with Sox the Fox at Friday's Sky Sox game!