Industry Focus: Day Care & School Cleaning Services




When you run a day care or school, every day can be an adventure. But no matter what each new day brings, you should be able to rely on your facility‰’s cleaning services. That‰’s why Jan-Pro offers specialty day care and school cleaning services, which we‰’ve designed to create healthier spaces for learning and play. Thanks to our kid-safe solutions and reputation for meticulous cleaning, day care owners and school administrators across America have discovered the difference delivered by our day care and school cleaning services.


Our Day Care & School Cleaning Focus

With day care or school cleaning services from your local Jan-Pro, you‰’ll benefit from our focus on aspects of cleaning such as:

  • Health & Safety Protocols. Our cleaning practices help limit the impact of germs, bacteria, and viruses, helping kids and students stay healthy.
  • Promoting Learning & Growth. By creating an environment where kids feel comfortable, we make it easier for them to learn and develop.
  • Keeping Parents Happy. By providing demonstrably cleaner facilities, we make it easy to keep parents happy.
  • Standards Compliance. Your regional Jan-Pro office offers day care cleaning and school cleaning services that meet health and safety standards at the national, state, and municipal levels.

Our Day Care & School Cleaning Services

Day care cleaning and school cleaning services from your local Jan-Pro offer numerous advantages over those offered by other cleaning companies. With Jan-Pro day care or school cleaning services, you‰’ll not only benefit from our detailed cleaning process, but also from advantages like:

  • EnviroShield Kid-Safe Disinfection. We deliver 100% kid-friendly disinfection with our exclusive EnviroShield system. This system can be used to disinfect keyboards, door handles, fabrics, toys, gym equipment, and practically any other object, space, or surface you can think of.
  • Floor Cleaning Expertise. No matter what mix of flooring is found in your day care center or school, our cleaning services will be able to provide you with standard and intensive cleaning options.
  • Detailed Bathroom Cleaning. Bathrooms are the number one area for germ-transfer, which is why our day care cleaning teams and school cleaning teams approach these areas with a focus on germ hotspots like as faucets, paper towel dispensers, and flush handles.


To set up a no-cost day care cleaning or school cleaning service consultation ‰ or simply to learn more about JAN-PRO‰’s services,‰ call us today at 719-264-1117.