The Case For Outsourcing



When most people hear the word "outsourcing", it has a negative connotation.  They think of American jobs going overseas, or having trouble while calling tech support.


What outsourcing comes down to is having someone else do a task for you. One of the most succinct ways of explaining when to do it is, "Outsource all non-core competencies."  In plain English, that basically says, "If you're not good at it, pay someone who is good at it!"


I hire an electrician if I need some wiring done, because if I attempted to do it, it would take me much longer than a professional, with the added downside of possibly burning my house down.  The same concept applies towards your business.


Whether your business is finance, a restaurant, a retail shop, or whatever the case may be - you have better things to do with your time at work than worry about getting it clean and disinfected.  If you're spending time cleaning, or even overseeing an employee who cleans, that is taking time away from focusing on your business.  And when you're not focused on your business, things can slip through the cracks.  When you are asking your employee why the floors didn't get cleaned last night, you are distracted from potentially larger issues that could impact your business in a much more negative way.


Not only does outsourcing your cleaning mean you don't have to worry about cleaning issues, it also means you don't have to worry about any legal repercussions from cleaning.  If an employee slips and falls while doing your cleaning, or if they mix their chemicals improperly and get sick from the resulting toxic fumes, you will be held legally responsible.  If you outsource your cleaning to Jan-Pro, you will not have to worry about any of these legal problems.  First of all, you won't have to worry because all of our franchisees are professionally trained, so no improper mixing will be happening in the first place!  But should some unfortunate accident arise, since we are an outside company, any legal issues would be taken care of on our end, not yours.


Outsourcing doesn't have to be a negative word.  All it means is letting the professionals do what they do best.  So let Jan-Pro worry about all of your commercial cleaning needs, and let us take all of those cleaning-related distractions off your plate!