Jan-Pro and Catholic Charities Had a Great Time At the Sky Sox Game!


At Jan-Pro, we try to support our customers as often as possible.  We love going to Sky Sox games, so it's a real bonus that we get to support our own customer at the same time, since we are the official Executive Cleaner for the Sky Sox.


So if going to a game at our customer is a win-win, last night was a real win-win-win!  We got the chance to bring the great people at Catholic Charities to the game.  Catholic Charities is also one of our customers.  Catholic Charities runs, and we clean, the Marian House, which offers food and other services to the homeless and impoverished in Colorado Springs.  They do a great service there, and always work hard to do it - the Marian House is open 365 days a year.


We were excited to get the chance to bring them to the game in one of Security Service Field's wonderful (and very clean!) luxury boxes.  Unfortunately, the Sky Sox couldn't take home a win. They tried, getting a couple of runs in the bottom of the 9th, but it wasn't enough.  This was odd, since most of the time when we go to games, the Sky Sox score about eight runs in the bottom of the 9th to tie what was originally a blowout, and then win it in extra innings.  But last night, it wasn't meant to be.  Despite the loss, it was still a really fun night out!


For more information on Catholic Charities' Marian House, please visit:

Marian House



And, since no Sky Sox update would be complete without one, here's a picture of Sox the Fox with Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado's COO Bob Posch!