Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado - The Real Green Cleaner - Joins the Greener Corners Team

  Jan-Pro Green Corners

A Greener Corners recycling bin, located near the Acacia Park in Downtown Colorado Springs


You will hear competitors allege they use and support "green cleaning", but you will not see them supporting the Catamount Institute, the Green Cities Coalition, and other local green movements. Talk is cheap, just as competitors are with their efforts and contributions to Colorado's green community.

Competitors are unable to use the green chemicals that Jan-Pro uses, such as Sniper - the only Category IV disinfectant in use in commercial cleaning.  Category IV chemicals are far safer, to people and to the planet, due to their much lower levels of toxicity.  More information on the Category classification can be found here.

Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado's newest partner in the green movement is Greener Corners.  Greener Corners places recycling bins around Colorado Springs, so that items can be properly recycled instead of thrown away.  This recycling service comes at no cost to the taxpayers.  The recycling station costs are paid for by sponsoring companies.  Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado is proud to sponsor this fantastic effort

Green cleaning saves resources and is a major contribution to your employees' health.  Unprofessional "in-house" efforts cost more than professional cleaning, and leads to higher medical costs.

Save money and help save the environment by using the only real green cleaner - Jan-Pro of Southern Colorado.

Please call (719) 264-1117 for further information on how to get your business started with green cleaning.