Thank You To Our Veterans!


Jan-Pro would like to extend a very big "THANKS!" to all of our veterans.  And, while we know it's "Veterans" Day, we don't want to leave out any of the active military personnel from our thanks.


In Colorado Springs, there is a huge military presence.  This is largely due to the number of military instillations in the city.  Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, NORAD, the Air Force Academy, and Schriever Air Force Base - these five locations makes for lots of military around here!  So while what the veterans did for us is never lost, the constant presence of military personnel always reinforces their importance.


Many restaurants are offering discounts and free food to veterans, so we'd like to pass along that information to anyone who might be interested.


Veteran Discounts


And, as always, for any veterans interested in owning their own business, our VetConnect program offers great discounts to retired military.  More information on Jan-Pro and Veterans can be found here.