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Jan-Pro of Colorado Springs was a winner of the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum's 2010 Diversity & Inclusion award.  The Diversity & Inclusion award is given to recognize businesses and organizations in the Pikes Peak Region demonstrating and promoting diversity and inclusion in internal operations and civic engagement.


An article was published in the Colorado Springs Business Journal about the award winners.


Jan Pro of Southern Colorado

Some businesses advertise sales, the lowest price or the best service.

Jan Pro of Southern Colorado touts diversity in its ads.

And business is good, said Robert Posch, chief executive officer.

“Diversity isn’t just nice to have, it’s an integral part of our business model and it works,” said Posch, co-owner with his wife Marylou Posch.

Jan Pro ads state it has a “diverse, welcoming culture that just happens to be the fastest growing franchise in El Paso.”

Jan Pro has nine employees to support 96 commercial cleaning business owners.

“Our franchisees are representative of who our customers are,” Posch said.

In addition to the ads and the diverse make-up of its franchise owners, Posch said the company “practices diversity” in everything it does, from the events it attends — like Pikes Peak Diversity Day — to the employees it hires and promotes.

It’s key to a sound business because in any minority group that’s overlooked, there could be talent that’s passed too, Posch said.

“If you’re not attracting certain demographic groups, you’re hurting yourself,” Posch said.

It also helps when businesses are looking to hire minority-owned sub-contractors.

“Our customers tend to support this,” he said. “Of course you still have to do a good job cleaning. … (But) diversity really does contribute to our profit picture in a positive way.”


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